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Collected 2015-Q2


We're having a heatwave here in Seattle. And I'm not complaining. All of this hot, thick air sets a mind to simmering and opens ears to healthy doses of musical dirt and funk. And those perfect late evenings, with their cool breeze and afterglow of heat, lend themselves to the pleasures of the softer side of pop and experimentation. I filled this mix up with tastes of the music I encountered over the past quarter, and it all says SUMMER to me. Enjoy!

18 tracks
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OMG: of Montreal return to form! When I was running with your playlist on last week, I couldn't believe what I was hearing. You're right about the effect of the strip-down; it's good to hear Barnes back to the KISS (not band) method of arrangement. Other highlights for me: "Everyone's Nobody" (How'd you come across that one?), SHEER F'ing MAG (How'd I not come across that one?!), "Damn That Valley" (Good call on the Joe Meek reference -- I thought of The Shangri-Las.), "Cowboy Guilt" (reminiscent of the Rentals?), and "Them Changes" (which barely missed the cut for my mix).

@danedespres Surface to Air Missive came up on Adhoc. I love when Adhoc covers artists who write more traditional songs. They're often fantastic, like "Everyone's Nobody." As far as your "Cowboy Guilt" Rentals comparison, OK, yeah sure. I wouldn't have picked that out on my own, but "return of" is definitely in Torres's collection.