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Collected 2015-Q3


Going into Q3, I found myself dissatisfied with the limited number of music discovery sources to which I had pared myself down. For awhile, it's been mostly KEXP, Pitchfork, and AdHoc. Thus, I decided to sign up for the Apple Music trial when it launched. I didn't expect much going in, but so far I like it. Now I understand why everyone loves Spotify. Of course! In addition to picking up a couple tunes thanks to Apple Music, I also received a short stack of pretty fantastic LPs from Dane and couldn't resist the new Royal Headache and Deerhunter singles. What did I miss?

15 tracks
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OMG Coma shout-out for the win! Nux on vox, natch. An in-costume/out-of-character music video extra needs to be added to the end of the FURY ROAD credits.