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Collected 2016-Q4


The final quarter of the year is such a scramble for me, as it is for most people, I suppose, what with the short days, holidays, deadlines, comfort food, and fall tv. Add to that the 2016 US Presidential campaign and outcome, and thus we have this taquitos photo as cover art. Through it all I managed to listen to a bunch of interesting music, and some of it is collected here. The human voice and the relationship between voices kept coming up as a focus for me last quarter, and I'm starting to realize there's a lesson for me to learn here. Happy new year to you.

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Oh my god, the intro sequence from HERE COME THE 70s feels like dying. I'm pretty sure it'll pop up in my dreams tonight, probably mashed up with the HILARIOUS HOUSE OF FRIGHTENSTEIN clips.

So much saxophone on this mix; I caught myself secondhand saxfacing a couple times. Man, "Tumblers..." is my another fave off of this mix. Syrinx opened for Miles Davis on his Bitches Brew tour? Wild!

"Crazy Drums" is the shit. I feel like I need you to copilot that samples project if I were to really do it right. You find dusty jams like that with so much sample potential; you are the dust brother. Just now placed that Izenberg reference to VU's "Rock and Roll". Very nice!

Did Chance ghostwrite that Lil Wayne verse on "Mad"? I have to admit, I was astounded to see Jeff Rosenstock on your mix -- how did that happen?!?! "We Begged 2 Explode" is quite Ben Folds. Is that it? With my predilection for punky/emo pop, it's no surprise that I jumped on the Rosenstock express, but I'm wondering what antecedents for this choice exist in your musical preferences. What is a band/artist you like that would've led you to like this?

"These Words" is a gem! Bros who bust out some quirky & funky 70s jazz-pop jams? The second chorus sold me with those tight harmonies!