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a man falls seven times, rises up eight

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I just love Oleg Kuular. And domog was great. Huun-Huur-Tu was so guttural and tribal it was refreshing! Aw, man, I wanna learn throat singing!

@d-doublethink. finally some throat singing with actual guttural depth! lol. really interesting playlist, thanks for compiling this! :D ... it's not throat singing, though 2-3 of them have it, but you might like this: 8tracks.com/astralrealms/revelations

Dear d-doublethink.,

Thank you kindly for your time and efforts in creating this wonderful mix, well chosen cover and description, really appreciate it all.

You have certainly made a difference in my life, I thank you and am grateful of the people behind all the voices however you have made the biggest difference in sharing such powerful voices with the rest of society and most importantly showcasing the beauty of other cultures on this amazing planet.

Regards Enduser