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Just to show that Christian Hip Hop extends far beyond Reach Records.

I love Reach Records by the way.

  • Hope (feat. Thi sl, Flame, Trip Lee) by Da Truth
  • Preach Christ by T_Jones
  • Until I Pass out (Remix) (feat. MC Jin, Reconcile, Black Knight & Eshon Burgundy) by Uncle Reece
  • The Devil Ain't A Lie by Eshon Burgundy
  • Awesome God by R-Swift
  • Please Pronounce My Name Right by Ruslan
  • King Kulture ft. Theory Hazit & Lee Green by Beautiful Eulogy (Braille, Odd Thomas, Courtland Urbano)
  • Last But Not Least feat. Theory Hazit, Magestik Legend, Propaganda & DJ Efechto by Scribbling Idiots
  • Sevin by SEVIN
  • This City ft Maine, I C Jonez and J Givens by ruyonga
  • OD Remix (feat. Young Joshua, Mac The Doulos, Aaquil & L923rd) by Yaves
  • Turnt Up by Young Noah
  • The Hypostatic Union by Shai Linne
  • Christ Restores... by Timothy Brindle feat. Zae da Blacksmith & Stephen the Levite
  • My Beat Bang! by Black Knight
  • Charles Longo by Salute
  • Molly Remix feat. Decipha by Los
  • This My Song ft. Rachel by Du2ce
  • First Date by Gowe
  • Jahaziel "V.O.H." (feat. Sean Simmonds & Guvna B) by Xist Music
  • Matt reeves by Matt Reeves
  • Give It Up by Stephen the Levite
  • Swift "Raindrops (feat. Social Club)" by R
  • Hold Me Down (feat. Christon Gray) by Alex Faith
  • Stranger (Prod. by Wit) by Dre Murray
  • Head Nod by Pioneer
  • Mind Right by Dillon Chase
  • Dust by The Cross Movement
28 tracks
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