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A Depressed Teen


I act like everything is fine. I laugh at people's jokes, I do silly things with my friends and act like I have a carefree life. It's funny though. When I come back home, I just turn off that mental switch. Then suddenly I break down. I feel alone, empty, tired, I can't exactly describe how I feel into words. It's like I have two different me's. One for the public, and one for myself. Only if they knew. Only if.

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Sometimes I just can't breathe and I'm not sure if I wanna die I just don't wanna be alive & at the same time I just wanna be held and understood. I just can't live with my own emotions and idk how much longer this can go on ..

Sometimes I'd want to hide my tears to put up that I am a strong girl and I can handle this vibe. But, then it also gets depressing that nobody notices my unhappiness. However, there are so many people out there waiting to give us a hug and tell us its going to be alright in the end. That's where i get my strength and your playlist did exactly that. It allowed me to think and cry about all the misery but at the end of it I felt so refreshed to get up and work through my troubles. So, really the thanks goes to you :-)

Btw, I know going through this sucks, but (& I know this sounds cheesy & everyone says it) it gets better. It really does. Hugs to anyone who feels alone. You're not alone, trust me. I have been there.