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nine lives (an ichimatsu x reader fanmix)


"it wouldn't work out"
"i love you it's ok"
"i don't deserve anything from you"
"you deserve everything"

"are you tired? i'm so sorry. it's all my fault."
"i'm sorry"

"thank you"

cover art: http://bit.ly/1XjU14M
tracklist: http://bit.ly/1U7Wykz
download: http://bit.ly/1V0snuV
spotify version: http://spoti.fi/1pCI0gf

(i'm sorry if this mix is cheesy af but if you wanna get the story you can focus on the lyrics i guess??? hahahaha sorry,,, also the spotify version has more songs welp)

(also pls check the annotations!! if the playlist doesn't work here you can always check out the spotify one i guess huhu,,)

8 tracks
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