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Brace Yourselves. The Valentines playlists are coming.


For those who spend Valentines day this year single and just looking to chill out and have a night with some good friends. Here are some of the top singles from 2010 and 2011. 15 tracks from artists like 3OH!3, OneRepublic and LMFAO

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I remember a valentine's day from my past...

It was valentine's day 1974, and my wife Julia and I were sitting at home by the fire place, going over our family photo albums, reminiscing of time gone by.
"Oh look, there's Freddie!" Julia exclaimed, "Look how tiny he was, remember hun?"
Freddie was our one and only son. He had grown up by then. God, he was probably in his mid-twenties now that I think about it.
Just then the phone rang.
I went to pick it up in the kitchen. "Hello?"
"Hey Dad." It was Freddie, he seemed troubled by something. "What's wrong son?"
"I've got to tell you something Dad... I won't be visiting this weekend..."
I remember asking him why not. He told me he was going to kill himself tonight.
I dropped the phone.
When I got a hold of myself he was still on the line. "Freddie! Freddie, don't do this! What can we do?"
I remember he sounded eerily calm when he said, "It's too late, my time has come."
That sentence sent shivers down my spine.
"My body's aching all the time Dad, I can can't bear it. I've already said goodbye to everybody, your'e the last one. Now I've got to go."
I remember feeling angry then.
"You can't just leave us all behind! Face the truth Freddie!", I exclaimed.
Julia must have heard the commotion, because I heard her get on the line. "Freddie?" she asked, "Don't do this, please..." "Mama..." he answered in barely a whisper, "Ooh, I don't wanna die Mama..."
There was a long pause and I thought he had hung up. But then I heard, "I sometimes wish I had never been born at all..."
I heard the click of a pistol's safety, and then Freddie exclaimed, "I see a little silhouetto of a man! Scaramouche, scaramouche, will you do the fandango?"
Freakin' Queen man...