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idk what this is but i like it


Four tracks including music by HENTAI DUDE, Josip On Deck, and NoHentaiHere.

  • How Do I Tell A Girl I Want To Kiss Her? by Modern Baseball
  • GF Retro [Prod. John Mello] [OG MIX] [HENTAI REUP] by Fakku
  • Anime Pussy by Josip On Deck
  • ka by i
  • If U Wanna Take A Moe Ride Wit Me by HENTAI DUDE
  • Stole My Waifu Emotional Song Adlib by HENTAI DUDE
  • HEART//EMOJI//デイジー(remastered) by REMY//
  • Clannad by PoptartPonyo
  • だんご大家族 by VisualArt's / Key Sounds Label
  • 潮鳴り by Key Sounds Label
10 tracks
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