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I've been so blessed with the wisdom the Lord has been giving me. He's answered my prayer. I asked to get closer to Him and He's been showing me hidden things, secret truths, building a mighty fortress inside me to protect me from my insecurities. Jesus is making my heart a clean house for His Spirit to dwell. I'm trusting. I'm expectant. For the first time, after so many paralyzing hurts and very painful growth, I'm happy to move on. I can laugh without fear of the future (Pv 31:25). I long to serve God and to serve others. I want to tell and show people how amazing God is. I know the Lord will always be with me, to comfort and guide me. So I will forever praise Him with all that I have. Going deeper and losing ground, I'll let His current take me wherever He wants.

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You’re beautiful. God is working and moving through you, the fire burning in you will continue to burn everlasting. Bless you for being close and proud of your Papa. He loves you beyond comprehension and will treasure the day you came home to him for all of existence.