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protect the protector


"I wanted to save Simon, but I had no idea how."

A mix for the Twisted Samurai who took the fall for his mentor's death to protect a little girl, and for the Courtoom Revoluntionaire who vowed to save him years later.

17 tracks
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Ahhh, you pick such great songs! AND they sound so well together to depict the strong bond between Athena and Simon. (P.S. Where is this gorgeous art from? I feel like I've seen it before somewhere else!)

@Zelinxia Ahhh thank you! I've always liked making playlists, and I'm actually very proud of this one. I'm really glad you enjoyed it! (And I'd be happy to tell you if I had the link to it. I usually have art credit when I post the track lists on tumblr, but this one I just couldn't find, all I know is that it was from ages ago in the cykesquill tag. I'm sorry!)