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to the moon and back


'--o what made fatuous sunbeams toil
to break earth's sleep at all?'
--Futility, Wilfred Owens

A mix for two boys with their eyes turned skyward.

16 tracks
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i'm liveblogging listening to this mix to my friend and i am five songs in and every single one has hit like a trainwreck this is so painful and so good and so spot-on thanks for making such a painful mix for such a painful ship

Ahhh I'm really glad you like it! And--sorry to say, but it doesn't get less painful. Sorry in advance ;;;; but I'm still really glad you're enjoying it! This ship hurts me a lot emotionally but it can be cute as can be. Maybe I should do a cute one to make up for this one then...hmm...ANYWAY thank you for the comment!! It made my evening!