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Everybody's Doing It, So Why Don't We?


Just so you know, there's a new chain-mix making its rounds on 8tracks. Look at the comments to read the guidelines. [17]

17 tracks
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1. A song w/ hand claps
2. A song w/ "sun" in title
3. A theme song
4. A cover you like better than original
5. An old song you recently heard for first time
6. A song that reminds you of first relationship
7. A song w/ your name in it
8. Song title = question
9. A b-side
10. A song from the year you graduated H.S.
11. A song you like from an artist you don't usually like
12. A sexy song
13. Your theme song
14. A song from the last album you bought
15. A song under 1 min
16. A song from the most recent artist you paid to see
17. A song that makes you cry