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(No) Time For Heroes


What if we were living in world filled with too many superheroes? What would happen if these caped crusaders had lost their purpose and turned into a bunch of self-righteous/overprotective nutjobs? And what would it look like if a small group of thieves began to hunt them down for money? Just think about it.

This is the soundtrack to an imaginary ''anti-superhero'' movie. (a brief track by track description can be read in the replies)

15 tracks
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01. [Opening Credits]
02. Monologue / Character Introduction
03. Being A Criminal Isn't What It Used To Be
04. Everyone Thinks They're Batman Nowadays (But Nothing Gets Done)
05. Thieves Like Us Need To Stick Together
06. Changing Occupations / Everything Takes Practise
07. Bounty Hunting Is My Business (And Business Is Good)
08. What Comes Easy Never Stays / Shall We Call It Quits?
09. Some People Are Not To Be Trusted / I Thought We Had A Deal
10. Who Called The Cops?
11. When All Else Fails: ''Teaming Up'' With The Former Enemy
12. We're Gonna Need A Back-Up Plan
13. No More Mobsters (Good Luck In Jail)
14. So, I Guess We're Even Now
15. [Closing Credits]