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Your Scene Sucks: Indie Jesus

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I googled indie jesus because my friend told me I was one... definitely knew all the words to the first song, then Flume, and most of the words to Fever Dream... yeah, I'm a type. Nice work^^

Oh goodness - I think I might just become an indie Jesus myself. I'll move out to a dry cabin the the woods, grow a beard (I'll need hormone treatment), and write folksy tickling songs to the woodland critters. Moose burgers, here I come!!!

(I really like this mix)

Is it weird that I don't dress according to the genre or type of music that I enjoy? Or is it weird that I even have to ask that question?

I must be an indie jesus because I'm sure as shit not that faux hip-hop mix. That one hurt my ears, brother! This one is so far so good though!