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Gaming Noize Reloaded >:D


Got tired of listening to the first one I made. (Ha, probably gone through it like 50+ times cause I play LoL to it.)

P.S. This one's a little more chill with a few other songs tossed in.

  • Burn It Down (Linkin Park Remix) by The Art of Breathing
  • Called Out In The Dark (Leo Pigot Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD by Kriegar & Funck
  • Losing My Religion (Remix) DMC by Various Artists
  • DJ Sarim by I'm Coming Home feat. EMINEM || Chillstep Remix ||
  • Up In The Air Remix by Seconds To Mars
  • I Fucking Bleed Purple and Gold by willisaboss
  • Once Upon a Lie by PerfectLikeMe
  • BLUE JEANS remix by Lucas Bitton
  • Sublime Doin Time Remix by trainwreckcitystringer
  • Mr Highway& 39;s Thinking About The End (A Day To Remember Dubstep Remix) by Tommy Valentine
  • Grungestep Compilation (Vol. 1) by V-A
11 tracks
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