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the truth is I really don't care

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a random vocaloid mix

  • 【鏡音リン】 ロストワンの号哭 by Johnson Wong
  • カゲロウデイズ by じん (自然の敵P) Feat. 初音ミク
  • Adagaeshi Syndrome(Revenge Syndrome) by IA
  • Rolling Girl by Hatsune Miku
  • Night Tales Deceive (夜咄ディセイブ) by 【IA】
  • 裏表ラバーズ by 初音ミク
  • kagamine rin and len Remote Control by Sean McCarty 3
  • 【Kagamine Rin】Idola Circus【Original PV】 by Lyvitak Herbivore
  • Raspberry Monster by Hatsune Miku
  • 僕らに喜劇を見せてくれ by Various Artists
  • Self-Inflicted Achromatic (自傷無色) by Shizu Lin
  • - -) by Hatsune Miku & GUMI - The Fox's Wedding ( -
  • Karakuri 卍 BURST by Kagamine Rin, Len
  • Blackjack (LUKA MEGURINE) by Ryō Kurosai
  • ストリーミングハートを歌ってみた by 【くるな】Streaming Heart
  • My Crush Was a Monster Boy by Sound of Sounds
16 tracks
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