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I'll Let It Have Me Whole


At the turn of the new year, I decided to take the plunge into Spotify-dom, curious as to how it would affect my music discovery and listening habits. This coincided with a first quarter of great new music (and reissues), resulting in a music explosion. As a result, it took me forever to prepare this mix, keeping in mind my new 60-minute, 15-song limit. I've added some "Recommended If You Like" shout-outs in my annotations; you could easily compile another 15-song collection out of these and not lose much in the way of quality.

Adrian Younge's "Magic Music", Charles Bradley's "Good to Be Back Home", and a bunch of 80s jams like Close Lobster's "I Kiss the Flowers in Bloom" and the Dream Syndicate's "That's Always What You Always Say".

Cover Art: "Sporting" by Casper Classen

15 tracks
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"Fade Away" is great! "Delusion Moon" initially surprised me with its raw energy, but then I heard the evidence of memorable songcraft that I know you need.

I held off on the new Parquet Courts until this weekend. It's really fun, and I'm glad to see you noted it, too. "These Freaks" is my immediate favorite after one listen. I had to look them up to come to terms with the fact that they are not a long lost Death-like group from the 70s but a contemporary band.

I think I need to hear the next 60 minutes of greatness from your first quarter. 12 songs in and I haven't heard one that doesn't get a star. Normally, there's at least one that really doesn't do it for me, but I always try.

@cyrusdespres I was worried that you'd balk at "Delusion Moon" and "Fade Away"... of course, you'd yet to hear "Fade Away" when you posted this.