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I Take It Holy as a Last Rite


Back at it again with my favorite "new to me" songs from the last three months. With summer underway, I've had more time for running and close-listening, my two (often simultaneous) go-to forms of meditation, which have been necessary for processing out so much of the angst I have found myself feeling of late. Never more have I appreciated the restorative value of art; like Russ Ballard wrote in the Colin Blunstone song included in this mix, "The words that turned me around were from your song."

Honorable Mentions: David Bazan - "With You"; Silver Apples - "You and I"; Jessy Lanza - a few songs from her recent LP; local band, Thee Arcadians.

Cover Art: "Roma" by Luigi Ghirri

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When following along with your music explorations, I'm often embarrassed by my comparatively poor or fruitless effort to investigate and understand the history, biography, and musicology of the music and musicians to which I listen. Without you, I probably wouldn't make my way to stuff like Jaco and Billy Cobham. But I sure to enjoy taking advantage of your hard work. Awesome stuff.