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Into a World Left Without It


From July 1 to September 30, I listened to over 275 songs for the first time. Here's an hour's worth of my favorites!

Cover Art: "Dunk Low Pro SB Pigeon, 2005, by Nike x Staple Design" by @insighting
Playlist title taken from the lyrics to "Beyond Love" by Beach House

19 tracks
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Favorite annotation: "Set that shit to "harpsichord" and meet me in the chamber for some jaunty times!" I did this mix a disservice by listening while working. So, I'm sure I missed some gems. For now, my stand ours are "So Good", "Crushed", "Pretty Torn Up", and "All I Want".

This EZTV tune makes me think of when you dropped "Weekend" by Smith Westerns on me a few years ago... Three songs in, and I get the impression you've maybe been working on your next September Girls mix, yes?