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The Closest Thing We've Got


From October 1 to December 31, I listened to no fewer than 203 songs for the first time. These are my favorites, in no particular order. "Turnstile" by Lionlimb has been excluded because I anticipate it being included in Cy's Q4 mix, and he has dibs.

New format restriction: No longer than 60 minutes, no more than 15 tracks. To keep within this goal, I cut the following songs:
"The Waterboy Returns" by Modern Baseball
"When My Eyes are Closed" by Peter Stringer-Hye
"Under a Rock" by Waxahatchee
"Young & Alive" by Beach Slang

Cover Art: "Yonaguni Island, 2015" by Charlotte Dumas

15 tracks
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I'll just jot down some song comments as I listen again... I love 'Summer Sun". It almost sounds like it could have been on that late 70's Phil Spector covers album I picked up last year... That opening to "1-800-Worship" had me prepared for some sort of ATR upgrade... Man, I'm having a hard time tuning my ears to your classic emo selections. I mean, I'm getting into some things that are that far a cry from Owls, but I feel like I must be missing something. I do like "Kicker" and "Break a Promise", but then again, I was veering more toward indie than emo back in the 90s... Hamilton Leithauser is one of the artists to whom I've just stopped trying to listen, but something tells me I should lift the embargo with him... Dawn Richard's Blackheart album is officially on deck in my listening queue... I already touched on my thoughts about our cross-over artists this quarter. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts on that subject... Your OPN PC Music story was compelling. That bass playing sounds almost like Thundercat... I was avoiding Car Seat Headrest, probably solely because of the name, but, wow, "Something Soon" is really great -- 2015's more endearing Strand of Oaks?

@cyrusdespres Wholeheartedly agree with you on the Car Seat Headrest/Strand of Oaks connection, especially because I have experienced a similar inability to dig into their other tunes. I would hold off on going full NAFTA on Leithauser; 2/5 songs on the EP are worth docking. HAHA, I know that Owls is a tough one to love, but it resonated with me for some odd reason. Most of the crossover seemed to come as a result of Cymbal -- that is, except for Frankie Cosmos. She's a promising talent who will get more press with her work on the upcoming Porches LP. I'm interested to see if she continues with the keyboard-heavy approach in her next release. I found her stuff because of a random "Best New Track" post on P4k -- no real digging involved, unlike your deep dig into Bayonet Records. I would have never heard of Lionlimb or Peter Stringer-Hye without your Cymbal posts. Also, new the Chris Cohen will be out this spring, I think!