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When My Spirit Jumped Out


What a year. From July 1 to September 30, I listened to a ton of music for the first time (often as an escape). These are my favorites. I have left off Frank Ocean's "Solo" and Bon Iver's "10 Deathbreast" since you've probably heard them already. My friends, find ways to stay positive in this most dire of milieux.

Cover Art: "Between the Mountain and the Water" by Zhang Kechun

15 tracks
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I like how you closed the mix with "No Strings Attached". It's a welcomed invitation to meditate on human virtue(osity) and the spontaneity of creation. I need to open up more space to explore this part of the human experience as a foil to the reservoir of angst, anger, and astonishment (and I guess I should add alliteration to that list) that has been filling up all year.

"Somebody Else's World" is my first-pass favorite. I have yet to explore Sun Ra's music, and this selection strikes just the right chord with my mood right about now.