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LOST - Life Original Soundtrack - Top 2011


My Top 108 (most listened tracks) of 2011.

From my mellow mood on Jan, listening to Adele non-stop, through the discovery of Foster the People by the middle of the year, and getting to the end mixing indie and eletronic as M83 does, this playlist covers all my ups and downs and all around (Australia, France, Spain, Brazil, USA, UK...)

No chronological order. Also, some tracks are not from 2011.

*1 month, 86 likes for 518 plays. TKS, GUYS!
*6 months, 2000 plays and 230 likes. TKS again! (:

98 tracks
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Hola! Que buen que le ha gustado del mix! (:
Y cuanto a los grupos en español... Puedo equivocarme, pero creo que Santullo é uruguayo (as veces el colabora con Bajofondo, que són argentinos) y El Guincho é de España, pienso que de Barcelona.
Un abrazo desde Brasil pra ti, amigo! (: