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LOST - Lost Original Soundtrack 2016


Just a little piece to keep the tradition.
It should have been over 300 songs, but long gone the days 8tracks deserved that much work.
There's a Spotify version for those interested.

Happy 2017 to everyone! (:

39 tracks
2 comments on LOST - Lost Original Soundtrack 2016

2016 not the best for music lol. love all the previous lost life. I'm only about 30 min into it tho still got some hope. 2011-14 got me through a lot of long nights. thanks man

@Corey_grundman Thank you for sticking around, Corey! I hadn't worked that much in this playlist since 8tracks has limitations for those outside the US what had made me a little frustrated this year with the site.. Hope they fix this during 2017 and then I can make more playlists here. By the way, the second half of this one is less pop, hope you enjoy it better! ;)