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Songs for the end of the world

  • Bilgewater by Brown Bird
    "Everyday's like a war between the will to go on and a wish that the world would spiral into the sun. Turn your head toward the storm that's surely coming along."
  • O Death by zomcat
    "What is this that I can't see with ice cold hands taking hold of me?"
  • Bottom of the River by Delta Rae
    "The wolves will chase you by the pale moonlight, drunk and driven by a devil's hunger."
  • Heavy in your arms florence and the machine by BlueArrow
    "Is it worth the wait, all this killing time? Are you strong enough to stand, protecting both your heart and mine?"
  • The Great Divide (Seven Lions Remix) by Cameron Toper
    "Pull me in tonight and stay forever. I wanna know the secrets of your heart. Let's begin tonight, it's now or never."
  • I Will Follow You Into the Dark by Death Can for Cutie
    "If there's no one beside you when your soul embarks, I will follow you into the dark."
  • Too Bright to See, Too Loud to Hear by Underoath
    "We will be wanderers and vagabonds. They will stare and say how empty we are. How the freedom we had turned us up as dead men."
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