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You Chose Her


John, there’s something ... I should say;
I’ve meant to say always and then never have.
Since it’s unlikely we’ll ever meet again,
I might as well say it now-

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I love this mix because it's so tragically heartbreaking. It wasn't his fault he had to leave for all those years but he is being punished. It is his fault however that he didn't contact John but I believe he was trying to keep him safe. Also, it's horrible to see their relationship deteriorating in the way it had been towards the end of season three, from my point of view they didn't seem quite as close and oh, it hurt. I ship these two too hard.

@fairytalewishesx God this is exactly what I was thinking. Their relationship on the 3rd season was the most tragic, where they reunite with so much pain, but the thing is, Sherlock thought John will let him crush back into his life and things will be as they were, but no, it's not! and exactly when Sherlock realised just how much he love John, how much he always have,f rom the deepest places in his heart, John is taken away from him and at the finals Sherlock has to leave again, this time it's different, he's hurt so much more because he just knows that from now on things will never be as it was once!! ugh Johnlock makes me wanna cry