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♡ 11:11 ♡


i am yours, and you are mine.

forever and always.


  • Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop (Landon Pigg) by Ramandra Yudistira
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  • If These Sheets Were The States by if these sheets were the states
  • Love Is Easy Acoustic Dougie Version by Emerson De Joya Ko
  • Love Me Like You Do (Fifty Shades Of Grey) (Cover by: Monique) by Ellie Goulding
  • Mayday Parade Three Cheers For Five Years Cover by D At Sea Feat Millie Tizzard
  • La Vie En Rose (Cover) by Inky Callora
  • Catch Me - Demi Lovato Cover by Cover by Halsey
  • Jacob Whitesides "This" Ed Sheeran cover by Jacob Whitesides
  • Cold Coffee Ed Sheeran Cover by Emily Jane Hazell
  • Ariana Grande (Acoustic) by My Everything
  • Crazy by Daniela Andrade
  • Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart Cover (Ariana Grande) by Megan Boor
  • AJ Rafael COVER by Chlara by Without You
  • Tenerife Sea (Ed Sheeran) Cover by Luigi Galvez
  • Wildest Dreams (Taylor Swift Cover) by
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