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hi im dan mcneely your cartoonist and artist extrordinare and today were going to, uh, draw kind of an ugly little zude: uh, baby chara, if you’ve ever seen this guy. really strange lookin’. uh. they’ve got kinda pointy hair. i would be a little worried if, uh, i was a parent of, uh, baby chara here. got. got huge, anime eyes, of course. thats not so bad. thats actually, probably the best part of their face. looks like theyve got makeup on there. huge eyes and, um, appears to be having some kind of behavioral problems. got pointy hair here and, um, if i had this kid, as a mom or a dad i’d be worried... about baby chara. whole face kinda comes down here and uh, even their disposition, not lookin to happy. maybe a little collicked or something. needs a nap or something BUT ANYWAY-

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