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Come Play at the Crazy House


If things here don't make sense, don't be surprised.

9 tracks including music by mixes/songs/Animal%20Collective" title="Search for mixes with Animal Collective">Animal Collective, mixes/songs/The%20B-52's" title="Search for mixes with The B-52's">The B-52's, and mixes/songs/High%20Places" title="Search for mixes with High Places">High Places

9 tracks
6 comments on Come Play at the Crazy House

@nodesign -- haha doug those be some good times, love that one part butmowomowmow a budamowmow ba-baduh budamowmow

@Pshhlynnae -- haha thanks! and no i haven't seen that episode. thats crazy! is it new? I think i would have remembered that if id seen it haha. glad you liked this mix, it was little crazy, stuff that when i listen to it i just wanna dress up in wackO attire and run through the streets. And yes our mix was the shit, you as well fucked some shit up on the mix (in a very good way) haha. well done, maybe in a little while we'll duewet again (but with some dopehop) haha.

..ridiculous mix..
in a ilovethismixbecauseit'sfreakinbananasandit'scrazyashell kind of way :)
Spider Cider sets off the mood, cooky/fun
mixes/songs/Animal%20Collective" title="Search for mixes with Animal Collective">Animal Collective track is nuts haha
Woof Woof ...lol...enough said ;)
mixes/songs/OF%20MONTREAL" title="Search for mixes with OF MONTREAL">OF MONTREAL!!!! Sometimes I don't like 'em, but this time I sorta do
OK WHOA, bird is the word!?!?!?! Yes I DO know that Bird is the word..but first off, have you seen the family guy episode where Peter repetitively sings this song?? hahah that's all I can think of while I'm listening to this.

Tight mix, I loved the hyperactive feeling I got from this. Now I want some form of energy flowing from my body right now. This mix was dope, my friend!

p.s.We Be Groovin' is total sex. You=excellent music
You chose some bomb songs, hopefully there will be more!