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Danngo's Hot Hands

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@Btrxz I didn't think he played. I definitely kept my eye out for him looking for his name anywhere (and his real name kenny dixon jr.) but I didn't see it. I imagine he played at an afterparty are possibly during the festival somewhere else and I just didn't hear about it. Wish I had. I do remember right next to where I was staying Theo Parrish and Carl Craig were playing at Motor City Wine like all day. Unfortunately I didn't hear about it till I was passing by real late at night. Supposedly Theo played from 3-8 !! Just PASSING by I was in love, fucking heard "Cyclotron" by Harmonic 313 blasting and I had an orgasm. Never heard anyone play that song out somewhere. Beautiful city. I'll probably be back next year! Thanks for stopping by and listening B