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7 comments on Danngo's Inside My Mind

oh wow. and perfect closer. never heard this version of eden prison before. so much more melodic than the one done by solo michael gira. thank you for sharing!

and then right when i said it was melodic, swans turned around and crushed my head right in as if to say, "fuck you! melodic my ass, you scum of the earth!" :D

just to make a note a few months later.... cat, you can find the studio version of eden prison on Swans 2010 album "my father...." and you can find this awesome live version on the 2012 live album "we rose from our beds..." both version are pure epic win.

one of the best-sounding lobotomy and recovery my head and ears have had the pleasure of experiencing! got a bunch to check out from here, especially loved that opening track.