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Danngo's The Greatest Science in the World

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just...wow... Rare that I come across tunes I haven't heard, even rarer that they stop me in my tracks and demand listening too....I shower you in kudos

@nobispete This is beautiful and I'm under the impression you just created a new form of art. Well done. really cuffed I was able to be at least a witness to something new. Very refreshing. Thank-you.

This is a mixtale. A story to go along with the mix, in other words. Follow the story as the songs play, where each song will be in "quotation marks." Take it as you will. Dedicated to you, and to me.

Part I – The Beginning

The sun seeped through the blinds and Kip Esti opened his eyes slowly. He felt that to “Everybody, Daylight” was a universal alarm clock. He layed in bed for a second, recalling his dreams the night before but was blank. He put on his shoes, walked out the door and felt the sun hit him. At this point Kip, being known as a “Reckoner,” had made sure he prepared for this day. He walked the beaten path to the meadow and began to “Remember the Good Things.” As he listened to the water quietly flowing north, his memories faded and it was no to surprise to him that “These Thoughts Break.” As he roamed deeper into the forest, picking up random sticks as he went along, a cold breeze softly struck his cheek and the sky seemed to take on a “Grey Scale.” His head down, watching his feet come in and out of his picture frame, trekked further. As he looked up, he made eye contact with another traveler of the path that he knew so well. He tried to speak but “The Weight of [his] Words” were too heavy. He began to feel “Heartbeats” as she stared back at him. He introduced himself and she softly spoke, “I’m ‘Boadicea’.”

Part II – Bliss

Three years later, Kip and Boa were outside enjoying a great “Indian Summer.” The frost had dissipated, the sun was out and the sky was clear. This they had felt was a “Perfect Day.” They sat by the lake enjoying the weather and each other’s presence. He looked at her and smiled—she was his “Sweet Thing.” As they lay in the lush green grass watching the “Waves” and ripples of the wind on the water, Boa turned to Kip and whispered, “Carry Me to Smell Pine.” Kip, having been there only once, stood up in excitement. Boa jumped on his back and they began trotting through the hills. As they continued, the woods grew darker. The sounds of animals became more apparent and they reached a sign saying “Vogt Dig For Kloppervok.” Kip had not recognized this sign before and believed that they were lost. A slight rain began to drizzle on them and Boa was becoming worried. An crevasse in the woods appeared and they ran to it, into the great wide open. The darkness turned into light as they were surrounded by millions of “Stars.” As they lay there on the hill, entwined, they felt like two cold strawberries that were dipped softly into a hot fudge “Fondue.”

Part III – We are Our Dreams

As they drifted further and further away, fingers locked, a smile reached their faces as if watching a “Comedy” both began to laugh. To Kip, one minute with Boa felt like a lifetime, but he knows that the “Sun Will Set” once again. Kip lay awake, still staring into the night sky. He turned to look over at Boa “Sleep.” It was beautiful. It was then that Kip had fallen asleep himself, and entered his “First Dream Called Ocean.” It was bright and Kip was on the beach staring at the still ocean. He looked above and clouds began forming instantaneously, changing constantly to his command. He felt like a “Cloud Generator.” He saw a silhouette of Boa approaching, although he could not make out any definite features, he knew it was her. As she came close she began to say something, but he could only make out “When I Go…” Kip woke up in a daze. He looked over at Boa still sleeping and smiled. He looked at her and said, “Keep ‘Your Hand in Mine’…” She opened her eyes slowly and whispered “Við Erum Með Landakort Af Píanóinu” into Kips ear. Kip didn’t understand it and thought it was something she was dreaming, yet nonetheless found it beautiful.

I am glad you put thiso in your own special picks. This is absolutely incredible. The opener is tastefully soothing. It sets the mood of this journey perfectly. Wow... Incredible.

This is so creative. It really sparks the brain, and gets the juices flowing. I love how 8tracks inspires my own creativity. I love telling stories, and I find my stories are best told through instrumental music, but this is absolutely incredible. The song selection is that of a master crafter. Thank you for taking the time and making this to share with the world. <3 You!