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4 comments on Dawn.

Great Mix, it's so fun!
I love Devendra Banhart. Pumpkin seeds is actually saved on my blueprint for a potential "Autumn" mix.
Chemo Limo is also a delightful song as well.

I've Got Your Number Passion Pit << if they would just shut the fuck up and let it roll this trx wood B auf the Hooker X10 but no they think they can roll over the beat, fail but I must hear that beat and elctro syth rock so bad I will bare it. Yea the didggie diggie boom works well!!

Are Stereolab always fun? Why Yes!! Why is that. For one I have no Idea what they are saying and there guitar is usually a jingle jangle rhythm and the back beat usually pops. so they could be singing "My baby's hand was caught in the garbage disposal and bleed out and died screaming the shrillest of deathly shrills" . It would tra- la-la la as I have a skip through the pansy time moment yup that is what I think of that!!