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Dear Aunt13...

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You saw me that day. You may not have thought much of it, but for some reason it is etched into your memory. The wood planks beneath your white heels echoed through my ears. When you stopped I could only hear the ferocious blades of the helicopters above cutting the air, singing. You turned around, stared me through the eyes. You were soon off in the distance, fading in view and in memory. A short man approached me, and asked me if I wanted to take a trip, as if he knew me. I quickly replied and he held out his hand. A hit of sunshine acid. Forty-five minutes later I stumbled into a strange bar, full of strange characters wearing strange clothes. Bells rang from the speakers for each step I took. It felt like a sort of tropical delusion. Things got stranger and I quickly decided to leave. The short man was waiting outside in a Cadillac, smiling. I jumped in. He started driving then asked "where are we going?" I looked straight. "Chicago" I replied. The Cadillac dust drawn up behind the tires fogged the view of the bar in the review mirror, and seemed to help fog it from my memory, easing me into the next stage of the trip. When we arrived in Chicago, the streets were flashing all sorts of emotions. After walking a few blocks down one of the things we called roads, a kid was playing along with a song on his jukebox, but I couldn't tell if it was entirely him, or just the speakers of the jukebox; the two seemed to be the same. He looked lonely. I couldn't look at him anymore. I Know what this drug can do if you let it burn long enough. As soon as I erase him from my thoughts, my head gets red hot, then ice cold. I hear someone screaming some gibberish. It takes me a while to figure out what happened; my head was bleeding. I soon passed out. I still heard noises all around, but could not make out the situation. I woke up later in a grassy field near the water. My head had a bandage on it. I heard a light beeping. I slowly turned around to see a overturned ice-cream truck. Had I fallen out of it? I dont know. I stood up. Several dead horses lay around the water. I had no time to play detective or even bother with this strange situation, so I justified my decision to block it out by blaming it on the drug, a false reality. I made it half a mile when a pick-up truck full of farmer boys picked me up. They looked like trouble. A bunch of brats. But I reluctantly hopped in the back, and rode back into whatever town I was near. Despite the cold, windy, bumpy ride, I fell asleep. Though I never heard your voice, it rang through my ears as if I had known you before this life, as if it must have been you. It was as if we had both been a part of this same oneness, a mutual core, that had perhaps shifted somewhere in time. That moment of eye contact changed the course of my life, and for some reason, I know it changed yours. What happened to you that day?

great story! I love the godspeed and waits so far. man, people have been giving really killer mixes as gifts.