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My Head is Tingling

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crystal castles.de.ja.vu.just heard you. a paw in my face opening eyes to brighter ratatat.ta" rel="external">things.ratatat.ta..tat.tat..a.tat.cut copy.always a pleasure. pinkandblue::microwave::15.7.2..1..terra-s.p.lo.sions.is.someone.yes.massaging.my.all over.my tem.p.oral lobe. chemicals feelin good in the membranes. I always feel welcome in.the.machine. animal collective. to many good things to say.open those cosmic gates...WERE OFF

even though this mix is a few months old i remember it being one of my favorites because i felt like it was subconsciously dedicated to me haha

yeah got that version from the network, because mine does that too. I dont know why maybe all of them do that. Ill try another one, but hey crystal castles is a little crazy.