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Songs that describe Shiny Chariot. It's just my own opinion though. A lot of the songs aren't in English (sorry, but 90% of my library is Japanese), so I put links to English lyrics in the annotations.

(1) is French so I had to, but I think the lyrics fit her surprisingly well too. The lyrics of (6) is very fitting. (2) describes her magic shows. (4) and (8) reflect her starry night aesthetic, as do (3) and (7). The topic of the latter two's lyrics might be different, but I just love these songs and their atmosphere - and at least they both have "star" in their titles and lyrics! (5) was chosen because I had to include a Little Witch Academia song too, and it's all about chasing after dreams like Chariot did. Finally, (9) is just for using the word "chariot", but I like this song too.

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i CANNOT stop listening to this playlist ??? all of the music, especially the first song, is so calming. i love this playlist so much, thank you for making it!