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The Amazing Tour Playlist is Not on Fire


I've recently just been to the TATINOF in Reading, Pa, and it was the best night of my life! I know a lot of people cant go, and may never will be able to depending on financial/local situations, so I've made a playlist of all the songs played pre-show, and the song played right after it ended.

UPDATE // DAPGO has been released, containing the finalized playlist. I added in songs from that playlist that I've missed, as well as fixing the order of songs around a bit. Keep in mind that there are songs on here not on the playlist in DAPGO as Dan and Phil changed the playlist many times during their tour, and this is just the songs that were played at my venue. (:

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also All Star was played jfc a kid in my school was obsessed with it making everyone else start liking it and then it became the song of the year and now this who knew a song that is only mildly popular because of an ogre's love story would cause me so many emotions

iMAGINE THEM PICKING OUT THE SONGS LIKE Dan: can we put breaking free? Phil: High School Musical?!?! Dan: yes! we need SOME High School Musical Phil! Phil: okay fine you're right

pretending I could go :( I was stupid and waited maybe a day to look for tickets and they were sold out. I should've known.

@mollyrosed01-758 ugh I knowwww. I had to wait 2 hours for my mom to get home or else I couldn't get them, and even still I had less than 9 minutes to decide if my seat was okay before it'd be given away, and it was just by luck if draw that I was in the middle and not on the sides or on the balcony. I didn't have the money to afford meeting them e