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Welcome to New York, Mr. Scamander


The place where the streets are gold, the skirts are short, and the champagne doesn't stop flowing (so long as you know where to knock)

10 tracks
7 comments on Welcome to New York, Mr. Scamander

I love this playlist, it's great to see some of my favorite songs mixed in with some new ones. I must ask though, where did you get that version of St. James Ballroom? I've searched high and low, but cannot find that version.

I saw Fantastic Beasts a few days ago, and I LOVED the 20s aesthetic! This playlist reminds me just how much I adore electro-swing. :)

@runandrememberme I love the 20's aesthetic and electro swing and I truly couldn't hold myself back from making a Fantastic Beasts playlist after seeing it!