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[remember what i said] you was B A T T L E B O R N


a fanmix for the badass Jaime Lannister (S1-3)

"Jaime’s rage kept him walking. I am stronger than they know, he told himself. I am still a Lannister. I am still a knight of the Kingsguard. He would reach Harrenhal, and then King’s Landing. He would live. And I will pay this debt with interest."

14 tracks
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I don't know if you've ever experienced such feeling, when listening to mix and from the first chordes it seems to feet a particular character so good that you can't do anything else but enjoy lyrics and remeber everything.

And you seldom listen those music genres but the story is perfectly narrated.

And you want to like this amazing shit already, but you think, "what if it has only a couple of good songs and others aren't equal to them".

And then you ending up falling in love with that.

Yeah, that's what your peace of art has done to me.

oMG! Thank you for your kind and amazing words. It really means a lot, because I was close to delete the mix cos i didn't think some songs fit Jaime that well so yeah thanks!
You made my day :)