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Those in the Shadows


Practice your evil laugh, kids, we're starting an evil campaign.

  • Symphonic Poem by Drakengard 2 OST
  • 03 Empress Of Fire by Narxiso
  • 空音 by ドラッグオンドラグーン3 Drakengard 3 OST
  • The Black Knight by Fire Emblem- Path Of Radiance
  • Hyrule Castle 1 by Twilight Princess
  • Redeemed Invasion Ezrael (Three's Theme 2) by Drakengard 3 OST
  • 50 Shadow Lugia Battle by Farfello
  • Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn Original Soundtrack: The Devoted by Shiru-Abend
  • Guran Miraosu Theme OST ( Extended Version ) by Monster Hunter 3
  • Drakengard 2 Music by Fate
  • Desert Battle Theme by Monster Hunter OST
  • Battle ~Dara Amadyura~ Part 2 [Monster Hunter 4 OST] by user130932675
  • Fire Emblem Fates by If
13 tracks
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