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Great taste in music! And oh my goodness there is not enough playlists for the penguins on here so this is a real treat. P.S I can't believe you like both Kirby and the Penguins too! You are in my good books already! :)

@Clementine4ever Oh yeah, i'm a HUGE PoM fan. I actually made this ages ago before i knew this site existed. But I figured, hey, why not finally upload it? Plus, the Kico ship just makes me so happy in general. If you're ever interested, I've actually written a few PoM fanfics:

@darkwingsnark I would absolutely love to read them, if that's okay please? I just love all four penguins, they are just so funny and cool, have you seen the movie? Kowalski and Rico are pretty cute and cool of course. Gotta love the nerd and the demolitions expert. My favorite is Skipper though and my second favorite is Private. I absolutely adore all of them. Oh, and yes it hasn't been long since I discovered this delightful site either. It's fantastic!

@Clementine4ever I'd be ecstatic if you read them! I tried sending a link earlier, but I guess the site wouldn't let me. Just look up Snark-n-Moon on fanfiction(dot)net. And sadly i haven't been able to see the movie yet-- though I want to! I don't really consider the movies as part of the same universe as the show, though. As for my favorite characters.. I love all the penguins, all of them. (Kowalski being my top favorite.) Outside of them, I say my next favorite is Hans.