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I've meant to comment to this a few times, because when I first came across it I was so happily surprised to see a mix for this pairing! I was introduced to the ship ages ago, and even though I only recently got back into Disney duckverse, the warm fuzzies still come back to me. :) The mix itself is great to listen to, very nice song choices.

@wishing Oh, McCrack is what I'm all about... and as the founder of the pairing, it was about time I put a playlist together. My bragging aside, I really am glad you liked the playlist! These two always had interesting chemistry and it was interesting to explore in song form.

@darkwingsnark If I'm being truly honest, my primary ship for duckverse has long been Fenton with Drake Mallard, which makes no sense, but McCrack - what a great ship name, damn - is full of a nostalgic warmth for me. Anyway, I definitely love both listening to and making mixes for ships with not quite standard relationships, so yeah, I bet this was fun to put together! On a side note, you've done mixes for WOY and PoM, too, and that's just awesome.

@wishing You kidding me? Fenton/Drake makes LOADS of sense. It got to the point that in DWD Gizmoduck started having a thing for Darkwing-- and I do believe I recall an episode where they hung out and fought crime together, with darkwing in a cruddy suit. Fenton is the type to be drawn towards people that seem antagonistic towards him, but cre deep down. But I'm rambling now, I'll just say that the ship works and is enjoyable. And yes! PoM and WoY are some of my favorite shows. ... And playlists help me write, which is what these were made for to begin with.

@darkwingsnark That is true! Wow, cool. And I think it's safe to say I started the rambling, so that's my bad. But I'll just end with saying I'm really looking forward to listening to your future mixes.