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come over & date me already


happy 2 months to my fav nerd in the world, i love u!! you make me so fuckin happy and i always grin bc of you. thank u for being so amazing and nice and being the best gf in the world, i wouldn't want anybody else.

also im posting this early in case i lose power before wednesday!

ps. i see the annotate thing now! so the tracks are annotated B)

  • HAVEN'T MET YOU YET by michelebuble
    i think everything is going good except i just haven't met u yet!! soon though :-)
  • Tell Her You Love Her By Echosmith by Maggie Hayes 1
    i'll always tell u i love u too
  • Echosmith Cover by Bright
    you make a girl go oOoh, im in love, love. did u see that shooting star tonight? --u make me shine bright
  • I'm Yours (original demo) by Jason Mraz
    im yours but u already knew that
  • Talking to the moon by Bruno Mars
    we look up at the same moon and that's cool and some day we'll look up at it together
  • Kiss Me by mattshealys
    cover mer up, cuddle me in. come cuddle w me nerd
  • Never Stop (Wedding version) by Safetysuit
  • She Looks So Perfect (Cover) by Daniellestez
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