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"luminous" (aesthetic self-mix challenge)


thanks, Yuuhy! :)

so, the Aesthetic Self-Mix Challenge! the game goes like this:

1. Choose 6-12 songs, from what is already on your music player or computer, that represent your aesthetic. No downloading new songs until you’re done.

2. Use whatever images you want, that are already on your computer, to create a 500x500 px album cover. No downloading new images until you’re done.

3. Your favorite word is the title of your self-mix.

4. Publish here or wherever.

i found this pretty difficult, because my aesthetic is mostly being quiet and imaginative -- yet still feeling drawn to a somewhat darker/more haunting place than what “dream-pop” ordinarily invokes: a moth to black light. ;) i'm pretty happy with how this came out, though. especially the way the final two songs round it out.

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