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Part I: Temptation


"Flemeth once told me that temptation lies in the forbidden. 'Do not follow me,' I said, and slipped into the shadows. Some doors should never be re-opened."

The first in a pair of instrumental playlists about Morrigan from Dragon Age. This playlist is dark and rather scary, and focuses on power and secrecy.

all art credit goes to Joy Ang

the track list can be found here: http://amapofsorts.tumblr.com/post/102514291584/part-i-temptation-a-morrigan-instrumental

21 tracks
1 comment on Part I: Temptation

A wonderful, spoopy playlist! I love all the tracks in this - another great, original playlist for a DA character. Do you have a tumblr post of this? I'd love to reblog from the source and share with my followers. :D

@WardenAlenko yeah! all of the track lists can be found at http://vaporware-femme.tumblr.com/tagged/fanmix , but this particular one should be linked in the description. Let me know if you can't find it, and thank you so much for your sweet comment ;y;