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Part II: Reflection


"No. Do not look."
Why? What Would you see?
The Sorceress frowns. "Well, yourself for a start. And take it from the rest of us, that is no easy thing to look at. Beyond that, who knows? Glass has two sides, your Grace, and there are stranger things than 'North' and 'South'."

The second in an instrumental series about Morrigan.

Track list can be found here: http://amapofsorts.tumblr.com/post/102517551754/part-ii-reflection-a-morrigan-instrumental

21 tracks
2 comments on Part II: Reflection

I concur with thercery! Excellent choice of songs, great for writing (especially Morrigan or even other mages). I could go on for hours about how amazing a character she is while staring at gifsets of her and listening to this music....maybe I should find a hobby? Keep up the great mixing!

I'm appalled that there are no comments commending this beautiful mix. It's very thoughtful, mysterious, and entirely suitable for Morrigan. I also commend your choice in cover art, as I think it not only suits the mix perfectly but also captures the affect of Morrigan that your mix is capturing. Nicely done!