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Voyage to the Moog: a Tribute to Jean Jacques Perrey


A pioneer of electronic music, Jean Jacques Perrey was among the first artists ever to record pop music using entirely synthesized sounds. His trademark rapid-fire melodies, complex harmonies, and goofy sound collage rhythms could only have been executed by a virtuoso such as him, but his influence is heard far and wide in today's electronic music. Enjoy a playlist of music from the man himself and artists who follow in his footsteps, including the estimable Siriusmo, Aphex Twin, and Todd Terje.

Cover art is from Perrey & Luke Vibert's 2007 collaboration, "Moog Acid."

18 tracks
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@Btrxz I think it's on Come To Daddy, but I guess it's also on the film soundtrack for Pi, that Darren Aronofsky joint. Don't remember it being there but I don't remember much of that film beside the absurd contrast ratio.

Exactly what I need the first day of the Trumpagendon. The honest rock bottom we needed before we Phonix!