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Updated Kin Mix


Updated kin mix. A lot of the other ones on the other playlist were still questioning. Oh well I'm bored.

Just some songs from the shows they are from, or that remind me of them.

If you want to know all my kin and crap, just ask.

Sorry if the picture isn't associated with the playlist?

14 tracks
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@Datefriend yyes hi! ssorry for the llate repsonnse i hhave a ficctive whos wenndy from gf ..! shhe says hhi : D.. idk if tthis matters bbut are you soouth park kkin? yyour lattest ttrack suggests ttthat.. im kin w butters annd tweek !! ;u;

@mintyflowers My kins are Sapphire from SU, Bill Cipher and Grunkle Stan from GF, Castiel and Crowley from Supernatural (fictives) Remus Lupin, Evra Von, Bobby Pendragon, and highly possible Professor Sycamore fictive. I know it's a lot. ugh. I'm curious now, do we share any canons?