Thanks for visiting Chase Clocks, we wish you enjoy your clock buying. We have actually remained in the clock company developing, engineering and therefore manufacturing analog and therefore digital clocks for the home and also office for over forty years.

We are proud to supply you an innovative variety of analog and digital clocks. Our Automobile Adjust Analog Clocks, Twin Bell Alarm Clocks, Mantle Clocks and therefore Atomic Radio Controlled Digital LCD Clocks are the most effective in course!

We use our Vehicle Establish clock electric motor in our wall surface and mantel clocks. This cutting-edge clock modern technology is provided to you at a terrific price.

Similar to our wall clocks our full line of analog clocks have the car set clock electric motor. This clock motor has the day that daylight conserving time will certainly happen programmed directly right into the motor. These clocks allow you to fail to remember so that not fret about exactly what day is daylight saving time.

Our Car Set clocks will immediately readjust for time in the springtime and autumn. This clock motor does not need a radio signal to make the moment changes.

Our radio managed Digital LCD Atomic Clocks also immediately changes for daytime conserving time. These clocks get a time program from National Institute of Innovation as well as Standards in Ft Collins, Colorado.

Our radio controlled clocks are developed with a high quality receiver. The receiver on a radio handlinged clock is just one of the most essential components. The receiver is exactly what will certainly determine if the clock succeeds at grabbing the moment program.

A distinct analog clock that is not a radio managed clock but completes our line of battery ran clock is our Mantle Clock. This decor clock looks fantastic in any type of room.


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