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dance with the devil


❧ A mix for the First of the Forsworn and his Black Hand.

tracklist: http://66.media.tumblr.com/7d9334ec59d0e451f86a1ded9383cf3e/tumblr_njb7fxCQiz1tuzdswo3_r1_500.jpg

Note: I don't "ship" these two, but I love their dynamic. And I greatly admire Selena for putting her son above everything else and secretly switching sides once she found out Morzan's true colours. This mix is mostly about how she experienced their relationship, from being in love and utterly loyal to him, to hating his guts.

17 tracks
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Thank you so much! :') Tbh I find Selena's storyline more interesting than most storylines in the actual Cycle. :P ps: I'm afraid that 8tracks is being dumb right now and skipping up to 3 songs from the mix (although everything's there in the editing mode), so check the tracklist for the full effect. ;)